Tank Console

I wanted to build a retropie for some time to play old SNES games with my brother and some friends when we gather. Having a new bought raspberry pi 3 I also wanted to learn a bit about electronics. So this projects uses as inspiration the tutorial series of the Zumo robot from the explainingcomputers youtube channel(link).

Tank Build

Tank Chassis Motor Controller Raspberry Pi Wireless Keyboard

Controlling the Tank

To control the tank the following tasks were done:


With all the parts connected we can now control the tank!

Tank Moving


The next step is to transform the now moving tank into a console.

Since we had the raspberry pi with debian already running we could use directly their simple install guide – link. With this steps done now the raspberry will autostart to the emulationstation.

To be able to play like a console I bought two SNES controllers with usb from ebay for like 2.5€ each and plugged the tank to my monitor. Since the Linux kernel has drivers to control the controllers they just worked out of the box.

Here is my final setup!

Tank Console