Particle Editor

I made some simple games, but i'm no artist (check Karma is a Bitch to understand better).

With that in mind I started looking for stuff I could do to make the games look good or at least look better using any programming tricks.

The most common recommendation I found over the internet was to use and abuse particles. They can be fully programmed and can be used for really cool effects, create feedback for the player, simulate fire/smoke, etc.

So to explore better how I could configure and visualize particles I started the making of a simple particle editor.


To implement a particle system we will use 2 main parts:

The configuration parameters will be used by the particle system and when needed propagated to each particle. We will have the following parameters:

To draw the visualization of the particles effect and to be able to detect the input to change the particle generator configuration I used the Love2D game engine.

With drawing and input handling I implemented the missing part, applying the calculations for each of the received parameters to the particles.


With all done we can see in the following video some experimentation with the editor and after that some gifs of particle configurations.

Particles Example 1 Particles Example 2 Particles Example 3 Particles Example 4

I achieved what I wanted, I understood how I could make a particle system and got some visualization for it. I will use particles in my next game for sure, but probably will re-implement the particle editor inside the game so I can generate particles while testing the game.

Anyway, if I wanted to have this as a standalone particles editor I needed at least to be able to export configurations in json/lua tables formats.


If you want to check the particles editor code go to the repository.